White Tail Luncheon

I would have to say that one of my favorite wildlife animals is the white tail deer. I'm fortunate in that I live remotely enough to have them as frequent visitors, around my home, and on my property year round. They are a joy to observe. The male deer ( bucks ) lose their antlers once a year but re-grow them in the late spring. When they re-grow them they are at first covered in a fine tissue substance referred to as "velvet". They lose the velvet as the antlers harden and grow. They are generally foragers with a diet that consists primarily of grasses, hay, plants, leaves, fruits, corn, shoots, acorns etc... this diet varies with the seasons and availability of food sources. I love my deer friends and hope I have the pleasure of sharing my wilderness habitat with them for many years to come.


  1. Oh I love deer could watch them for hours and hours - will be back to watch this video over and over. Live in town now don't see many deer these days.

  2. You know you are welcome to come over and watch the deer with me from the back deck. I'll even serve you coffee and dessert. This video was actually taken just behind my home. They come within about 15 ft. of me and are a sight to behold.


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