From Nymph To Dragonfly

The dragonfly throughout history has been the subject of many sinister folklore tales of evil. Yet also has been the symbol of luck to many cultures around the globe. Native Americans holding the belief that dragonflies are a symbol of renewal after a time of hardship, and also believing that the dragonfly symbolized pure water. In Japan the dragonfly symbolized success, courage, strength, and happiness. The dragonflies have also been found to have medicinal purposes in both Japan and China. In certain parts of the world they are a food source, eaten either as adults or larvae. The Vietnamese people by seeing how high or low the dragonflies are flying use them to foretell if it is going to rain . So no matter what the belief, they are a wonderful, fascinating insect with multifaceted eyes, fragile see through wings, which when in flight can propel itself in six directions; up, down, forward, back, and side to side. The female dragonflies lay eggs in or near water. The eggs then hatch into nymphs. Most of a dragonfly's life is spent as a nymph, beneath the water's surface. ( Hence the Native Americans felt they symbolized pure water. ) When the larva is ready to morph into an adult, it climbs up an emerged plant, and the exposure to air causes the larva to begin breathing, thus beginning it's journey into adulthood as the dragonfly on land.

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