For The Birds...

Ordinarily I'm not one to interfere with nature and nature's scheme of things, but today while taking a hike I happened upon a very small bird, that I could tell had just had it's first "unsuccessful" attempt at flight. His plight landed him in an open area a bit far from the surrounding trees. I spent several hours attempting to locate his nest, with the hope of finding the stressed mother bird. The surrounding trees that I searched were very tall, and after looking for quite some time I could not locate any nest, nor did I see any birds in search of this little one. Being the nature lover that I am, I ended up bringing the little thing home with me, and spent even more time after,  in search of worms, which the little guy was more than appreciative of.  I believe within a few days he will have his flying skills under control, but until then I plan to do my best to take care of him.

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