The Therapeutic Rewards Of A Garden

Gardens and gardening are therapeutic for the mind and the body. Long ago people did not have grocery stores to supply them with their every need. Families generally lived on farms and produced what they needed to take care of themselves. Granted they had to work harder than most people do today, but working together as a family kept them close together, and in better physical shape. It was therapeutic for everyone to see the rewards of their labor. In those days children were more apt to spend more time in the outdoors, as opposed to the many hours spent indoors, that they seem to do these days. It also gave children a better appreciation and understanding of what it took to provide and care for a family. Not to mention you didn't have to wonder what was in the food you were eating. It was grown by you, harvested by you, canned and preserved by you, so you knew what you were putting on the table and serving to your family. It saddens me that more and more farmlands and wildlife areas are being sold to make room for more and more big industries. "sigh"

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