Massey Energy Montcoal Miners

This post isn't so much about nature, as it is about the nature of a people, the West Virginia coal miners. Having been born the daughter of a coal miner, and having grown up in West Virginia, not far from the scene of the April 5th Massey Energy mining disaster in Montcoal, West Virginia, I can relate all too well with the heartache and the pain that these families are enduring. As I am sure, so too, can the families of the Sago mining tragedy of 2006. It is one of the deadliest explosions, of it's kind since 1970. There is much scrutiny and talk surrounding this tragedy, as to who is at fault, and what could have been done to prevent this disaster from happening in the first place. As for West Virginia coal miners, through the years, they have always known the risks they face on a daily basis. They do so proudly, and bravely. Why one might ask? For the love of their families. With a stedfast belief that because of the humble lives they live, and because of the faith they abide by, that even if it were to be their last day under the ground, upon this earth, they'll have brighter days in their eternal home above, and that love will carry on. Coal, is the largest source of energy for electricity worldwide. So having said that, remember these wonderful people each time you turn a light on, think of them, and keep them in your prayers.                                                                                                             "Their miners lamps replaced with wings of Gold, as the gates of Heaven did unfold. Miners from the days gone by, there to greet them on the other side. Those dark tunnels of coal are now replaced, with sunshine and God's own Heavenly grace. Mentors, fathers, brothers, and friends, we will cherish your memories until we see you again."  ( In memory of my brother who passed from this world due to complications of "Black Lung" disease, in November 2009. )                                                                         

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